Colrain artist makes her mark on Greenfield building with ‘Inquisitive Crow’ mural

by ZACK DeLUCA, Greenfield Recorder Staff Writer. Published: 9/29/2020

woman holding paint brush in front of mural
Colrain artist Whitney Robbins painting a crow on the side of the Salvation Army Family Store. Photo by Paul Franz

GREENFIELD — Walking by the Salvation Army Family Store and Donation Center on Hope Street, one may catch the eye of an “Inquisitive Crow” peeking out from the foliage next to the building.

Local artist and retired middle school art teacher Whitney Robbins painted the 14-foot-by-10-foot mural on the white exterior wall of the store Tuesday morning. A Colrain resident, Robbins has lived in the area since 2013 and has a studio in Greenfield.

The building at 56 Hope St. is owned by Olive Street Development LLC, which is co-owned by Barbara and Mark Zaccheo, from whom Robbins previously rented an apartment at 51 Allen St. She recalled she had a drawing of the “Inquisitive Crow” hanging in the hallway of the Allen Street building, and that Mark Zaccheo always admired it. The piece is based on a photo Robbins took on her iPhone while in Paris in 2011.

“For years we talked about putting it on the side of the building,” Robbins said of the “Inquisitive Crow.”

According to Barbara Zaccheo, Olive Street Development LLC approved funding for the mural, and Mark Zaccheo assisted with project management as Olive Street Development staff helped prepare the site for Robbins.

Speaking Tuesday, Robbins said she is pleased with the mural and the way it captures the attention of passersby.

“It’s going to be staring, like ‘What do you want?’” Robbins joked. “It’s up to no good, that bird. Some people think birds are somber, but I think this one’s up to something, and we all need some high jinks these days.”

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